In attendance: Jay, Max, Net, Ben, Pedro, Adam S.


Absent: Cam, Tom, Sophie

  • Steinbach Scholar Updates
    1. Chem: Bess Ward July 13-16; Sophie, have schedule, making flyers
    2. MC&G: Zach Sharp May 26-28; Adam is organizing, flyers are up with the schedule
    3. AOPE: Aug 3-7, speaker has flights, Pedro is working on schedule
  • Summer Picnic
    1. tentatively July 25
    2. GSC funding app due in June
    3. Cam is the point person, Net helping
    4. Sophie is organizing funding
  • ODGE call going out
  • Jelly Talks
    1. Tom is point, sign-up email went out to JP
  • MIT apartment
    1. moving to Tang 3B for 1 year starting August 18
    2. must be out of SidPac Aug 15
    3. stricter sign-ups, keys are kept there
    4. Net will look into cleaning service
    5. Jay, Net will organize the move
  • OP new dorm
    1. JP students want to hear that this is not intended for their use- they do not like the doubles/dorm idea
    2. students are concerned about using existing OP- transportation to WHOI campuses